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Posted by / 06-Jul-2020 08:17

The user opens the attachment with thier existing Notes ID and this will decrypte the message in the Notes client.

Without these steps in the process, these messages and their content cannot be migrated.

The user then knows that the migration is underway, and they have messages that may not be migrated over.

The user can then either exit the email or a button based in Lotus Notes can then use the end user’s ID File to remove the encryption from the messages. This is part of the basic functionality of Binary Tree’s CMT For Exchange.

An altrernative method is to use a Notes Database as a vessel to maintain the Notes Encryption.

When a user opens the Mail/Sending and Receiving area of the Workstation Preferences, the user can turn on Encrypt saved copies of sent messages and Encrypt messages that I send.The other option is to have the end user decrypt this email.My experience is that the end user has their own job to do, truly does not care about the migration and the most certainly they do not want to do the job for you.Moreover, most of the current techniques are either too complex to be applied on a large amount of data or miss the extraction of vital security insights for forensic purposes.In this paper, we elaborate a software framework for spam campaign detection, analysis and investigation.

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