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This immense darkness could also be the reason he is the only non-Heartless fought in the End of the World realm, because there is no point to turn him into a Heartless.

It is also entirely possible that he is unaware of the Heartless and their goal, and simply fights because his dark and evil nature makes him want to wipe out sources of good and light, such as Sora, who just happens to cross his path.

Many of his appearances also show him to be somewhat comedic, laughable, and entertaining, as seen in The Wonderful World of Disney, and House of Mouse.

He also appears in Dream Drop Distance, where he is fought by Riku as the boss of Symphony of Sorcery. Being the representation of pure evil, Chernabog possesses a subservient and passive personality.

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Jordan • Tom Holland Comic books are often criticized for their objectification of the female form.

It is unclear how often this night activity occurs, but is implied to be All Hallows Eve, also known as Halloween.

Despite the brevity of his appearance and his lack of a place in a larger story, Chernabog was highly memorable, as he symbolizes all that is evil in a sequence that in turn symbolizes the essential struggle between Good and Evil and the eventual triumph of Good.

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He serves as the main antagonist in the segment featuring Night on Bald Mountain, and one of the supporting antagonists in Mickey's House of Villains.