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Don't assume it's risk-free - a dating site, even a paid membership and reputable one, can have its dangers.

I spent 5 years dating online and I think it is a fantastic opportunity to expand your social life and to greatly increase your chances of meeting someone special.

You are exactly the person someone out there is looking for and they will appreciate you for yourself. I am an older woman, 68 this year, and I sympathise with the feeling that the clock is ticking but my tip, to take your time, is one of the more important pieces of advice I can offer. There is no time limit on any contacts you receive and you would be wise to consider carefully all the approaches made to you. Do not be embarrassed – millions of people all over the world date online.

It is actually quite a trendy thing to do and, providing we all follow the safety guidelines (found on most sites), there is no more risk involved than in any other form of dating.4.

It is not easy to take your time when you feel as though it is marching on, but taking the first offer you get is not a good idea.

Loneliness is not a happy state for human beings and we try to put an end to it as quickly as we can, but my advice would be to hold out for what you want.

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Millions of people the world over are seeking, and finding, a partner on the internet, so there should be no awkwardness about admitting that you have joined an online dating site.

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